La bella Mafia: Upa Gangsta Style


Here you have some funny pictures of my very first party with my colleagues at Coco’s Cantina. Christmas is really close, so we decided to celebrate it with a Gangsta Party in our own restaurant.

Everything started soft and calm. We ate some dumplings, and we had a good time talking with each other. A typical Christmas dinner.

After the meal, I went to dress myself. So I changed my wet clothes (working as a dishwasher is what it has, you end up wet everywhere, but not in a kind of sexy way, I’m not a car washer) for some clothes that my flat mates had lent me. Big baggy short pants, a singlet, a plastic gun and some glasses I bought in a shop.

And obviously a purse, cause I was a street gangster, yes. But a glamorous one… motherfXXX!!!

After I changed myself we played a game all together. You had to write the name of a famous person in a piece of paper, and then, divided by groups, you had to guess who the one we were talking about was.

I was quite bad at the game, although Becca (aka. Rebeca “Dura de Pelar”, who played most of the characters, did fantastically well! And our team won!

We won lots of respect….bros!

What I liked the most was the passion that some of the players proved in this game. For example Dee looked like as if she was about to start to run. She likes to express herself (, and sometimes she ends up the shift doing performances that include some tumbling in the middle of the restaurant.

(Something that I really enjoy, by the way).

After this game, the party started. Everybody got their costumes on. Lots of bandanas, bad faces, hats Al Capone’s look-alike and tattooed tears. And me trying to talk as if I was born and raised in a Mexican ‘mara’…. PINCHEPENDEJO!

Alcohol started running through our veins. And people danced like crazy!

We had so much fun, and even though I loved to show my skill dances and moved my booty with some Nicki MInaj’s songs…. I still missed a bit of pachanga or reguetón. You know, pure latino.

I even had time to send some messages to some important people back in Spain.

The party longed much more than any other party I’ve ever had in Auckland. And we end up in a Kebab’s restaurant. Like in any other place in the world, the best way to fight against a hangover is by eating while you’re drunk.

But the coolest thing was that we ended dancing some bollywood music in front of the shop!

This made me remember of Barcelona, and its heaps of Pakistan people selling beer at night in the streets. Some of them are really friendly, and they usually show you how to conquest a “lady” in a “punjab” dance way.

In this last dance, Becca won as all, moving and dancing as a new Indian star. The best thing it was when we catch that all the Turkish employees from the shop were taking videos of her and her dances. I’m sure she has right now one million views in some Indian (erotic?) youtube… OMG!

After all, the party was spectacular. And for once, Auckland made me remember of the crazy nights I’ve lived in such cities like Barcelona, London, Quito, Madrid or Bologna.

It also made me realize how lucky I’m to be working with such nice people.

Coco’s a really good place to start a journey.

Coco is, as they say in New Zealand, AWESOME!


Catalan Donkey Shirt. El burro Català en una samarreta.





Spanish Speakin Friends… un poquito de esfuerzo. En resumidas cuentas, esta es el primer fiestón que se pega un Triple P en las antípodas de nuestro fiestero país.

Por un ratito, me senti un poquito menos parado y bastante menos puteado que de costumbre. 😛



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